Meet Hsin-Yu: ARM Graduate Design Engineer

Degree: M.S in Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

University: Arizona State University

Technically speaking, ARM is one of the best companies in IC design area and a leader in the industry. I was attracted by ARM's reputation and after discussing my career opportunities with my professors they recommended that ARM would be a great place to work and somewhere I could learn a great deal. ARM also offers a great benefits package which attracted me a lot.

I joined ARM in July 2008. Since joining, I’ve carried out different phases of compiler projects. First, my task was doing verification to make sure our product could work functionally. Then I was assigned some characterization tasks to provide customers with what our product performance would be. Recently, I have worked on some methodology to provide the project lead with some useful information to design our project. .

Working for ARM is awesome and the work culture and working environment at ARM is pretty good. It’s a great opportunity for me to learn and work on the latest technology in IC design. ARM is also a well organised company, which means that I can concentrate on my work without being interrupted by outside influences such as software license and project flow issues

As a graduate, I think ARM is the perfect place to start my career. On my first day my manager introduced me to my "buddy" to help me settle in to working at ARM and showed me around the office. I was eased into work step by step, giving me relatively easy work to begin with so that I was able to practice and become familiar with the job. Through this gradual training I was able to start taking more responsibility in some projects.

ARM also provided me with the opportunity to attend many training courses (either on-site or conference call) to learn the latest technology or project flow. I was also supported by many experienced engineers.

There are many social activities at ARM, not only for experienced staff but also for graduates and interns. Since I joined ARM, I’ve attended most of those activities. It’s a good chance to meet people who also work at ARM in other divisions and offices.









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