Meet Oscar: ARM Graduate Applications Engineer

Degree: M.S. Computer Engineering

University: Texas A&M University


I chose to pursue a career at ARM because it is very well known in the embedded processor market and my main focus of study in graduate school was centered around embedded computers/microcontrollers. I was also choosing between ARM and Microsoft as a potential employer, but favoured ARM as it is a more hardware-focused company rather than software.


I joined ARM in February 2008. Since joining ARM I have been involved in providing customer support for various ARM IP, including bus protocols, interconnect, memory controllers, dma controllers and some processor cores. Furthermore, I have put together example systems, integrating ARM IP and running test simulations. My role also allows me to provide customer training, both in training courses and Active-Assist engagements. Finally, I perform out-of-box testing for various ARM cores.


My team has provided great support in helping bring me up to speed on various ARM IP. They have always seem happy to discuss any questions I might have.


I enjoying working with my colleagues and the flexbile working hours that ARM allows. My work is challenging so I am continually learning new things, which allows me to further develop my career.



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