CoreLink Peripherals for AMBA APB

CoreLink Peripherals for AMBA APB Image (View Larger CoreLink Peripherals for AMBA APB Image) ARM offers a number of APB Peripherals to assist designers build complex SoCs as quickly as possible. These products, designed and validated to the highest of standards, support the broadest range of industry tools and offer excellent value for money.


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Product Description
PL011 Synthesizable UART
PL022 Synthesizable Single-wire Peripheral Interface (SPI) controller (master and slave) that supports Motorola SPI, TI SSI and Microwire.
PL050 Synthesizable keyboard or mouse interface complying with IBM-defined PS/2 interface standard
PL061 Synthesizable GPIO controller supporting 8 bits with interrupt control.
SY750 Intelligent Energy Controller (IEC) for ARM Intelligent Energy Manager software.The IEC provides an abstracted view of the SoC implementation-specific performance scaling hardware, measures the work done in the system, ensuring that software deadlines met. The IEC supports a maximum performance hardware request feature.


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