CoreSight SoC-400

CoreSight SoC-400 Image (View Larger CoreSight SoC-400 Image)
CoreSight  SoC-400 is the comprehensive solution for debug & trace system design.  Until now CoreSight components have always been provided as part of a processor-specific design kit.  Design kits include a simple example of a debug & trace system for a single core system.  CoreSight SoC-400 provides fully configurable versions of all of the CoreSight components together with AMBA Designer support for the entire range of CoreSight debug & trace logic.

CoreSight Soc-400 enables quick and easy creation of complex custom debug and trace systems  IP stitching and test-bench generation. 

Appropriate integration libraries provide support for all ARM processors in CoreSight SoC-400. The integration library ensures that the CPU and trace macrocell signals are CoreSight SoC ready.



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