Emulation Baseboard

Emulation Baseboard Image (View Larger Emulation Baseboard Image)

The ARM® Versatile™ family is now discontinued and only available for a last time buy while stocks last. This range of development boards has been superseded by the Versatile™ Express family.  


The Versatile™ Emulation Baseboard (EB) is the foundation for a highly modular development system. The EB provides all of the standard peripherals, memory and bus infrastructure. All of these elements are contained within the baseboard FPGA, which makes it possible to reconfigure the system to support different ARM processors and bus standards.


The EB itself contains no ARM processor, so it must always be used in conjunction with a CPU daughterboard. ARM has produced a wide range of CoreTiles for this purpose. It is also possible to place the system processor in an FPGA, which is normally done which there is no test chip available for a given CPU type. This is known as a Soft Macro Model (SMM).


Upon delivery, the baseboard is programmed by the user with the specific FPGA image that supports the chosen ARM core. Standard binary images, top-level RTL source code and FPGA project files are supplied with the board on the product CD-ROM, in the form of Application Notes. This allows an FPGA developer to scrutinize and modify the baseboard FPGA functionality if required.

 Versatile EB system architecture drawing


  • Largest choice of ARM CPU cores
  • Modular support for different ARM processors
  • Baseboard FPGA RTL source and project files available from ARM as Application Notes
  • Ability to bypass built-in peripheral controllers and use custom peripheral controller IP in a LogicTile instead
  • Optional FPGA expansion for IP development


 Board Name  Emulation Baseboard
 Board name (short)  EB
 Part number  VEREB-BD-0228ALF
 PCB number  HBI-0140
 Datasheet  Datasheet
 Manuals  User Guide
 Form factor  uATX on alloy tray
 SRAM  2MB, 32-bit
 SDRAM  256MB, 32-bit DDR
 NOR Flash  2x64MB, 32-bit
 PCI  1xPCI edge con
 Video out  VGA, LCD
 Audio  Mic in, Line in/out
 Ethernet  10/100 RJ45
 USB  2xHost, 1xOTG
 Serial  4xRS232/DB9
 Kbd/mouse  2xPS/2
 Memory card slots  SD/MMC, SIM
 Power input  12V DC



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