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The ARM® Versatile™ family is now discontinued and only available for a last time buy while stocks last. This range of development boards has been superseded by the Versatile Express family. 


The ARM® Versatile™ family is   highly modular, feature-rich range of development boards. Using Versatile, developers can build a software development system with their chosen ARM core. The addition of a LogicTile FPGA board gives the ability to test custom logic or IP blocks.

Within the Versatile family, the following board classes are available:

  • Emulation Baseboard (EB) - an FPGA-based motherboard which is always paired with a plug-in daughterboard to provide the system's ARM core personality
  • CoreTiles (CT) - give the developer a choice of ARM CPU cores for the Emulation Baseboard
  • Platform Baseboards (PB) - are highly integrated, standalone development systems with a fixed CPU type
  • LogicTiles (LT) - provide high gate count FPGA expansion capability for any Versatile baseboard
  • Soft Macro Models (SMM) - FPGA implementations of ARM processors, built from Versatile family boards

Click on the tabs below to see more information about the Versatile family, and to learn about the suitability of each for different system development scenarios.


The Versatile product family supports many different configuration options. The illustrations below show how boards may be combined to build a customized development system.
CoreTile on EB EB + CT - Software development platform with the widest choice of ARM processors. Can be updated and re-used for subsequent projects by fitting a different CoreTile
Core Tile and Logic Tile on EB EB + CT + LT - Adds a large FPGA to a basic EB system for custom logic and IP development / validation
Two Core Tiles on an EB EB + CT + CT - A dual-core system can be effected by placing two CoreTiles on the baseboard. Note that this combination will require a custom EB FPGA image, which is not provided with the product
Logic Tile on an EB PB + LT - An LT can be used as a Core Tile when loaded with an ARM processor image. Also known as an SMM
Versatile Platform baseboard, tray type PB (tray type)- A standalone software development platform with a fixed ARM core and higher bus / memory bandwidth than the EB system
Logic Tile on a tray-type Platform Baseboard PB + LT - Adds logic expansion capability to a Platform Baseboard
Logic Tiles, stacked on a Platform Baseboard LTs, stacked - Logic Tiles can be stacked on any Versatile family baseboard to increase expansion FPGA gate count

The following ARM processors are supported by the Versatile family:
Board Type / Combo PB (Tray) EB + CT SMM (EB+LT)
Platform Baseboard (tray) CoreTile on Emulation Baseboard LogicTile on Emulation Baseboard
Cortex™-A8 SMM-A8
ARM11™ MPCore™ CT11MPCore
ARM1156T2F-S™ CT1156T2F-S



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