RVDS to DS-5 Upgrade

Get Ready for the Next Generation of Embedded Systems

35% off DS-5 Professional Edition price*

Valid for both RVDS Standard and
RVDS Professional customers.

Use the ARM DS-5 toolchain for new projects;
Keep RVDS for legacy projects

ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5™)

ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) is a robust and highly optimized embedded software toolsuite for ARM application processors and multicore SoCs. The DS-5 toolchain comprises tools such as the best-in-class ARM C/C++ Compiler, a powerful OS-aware debugger, the ARM Streamline™ system-wide performance analyzer and real-time system model simulators, all conveniently packaged in a user-friendly integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse.

Why Upgrade

Smaller code size and yet faster execution

Watch your code run faster with improved code density when you upgrade to DS-5 Professional**. In addition, the ARM Compiler v5 brings new features, such as stack protection, and support for the latest ARM processors.

Future proof your development environment

DS-5 is the next generation toolchain from ARM. It supports all ARM Cortex-A series, Cortex-R series and Cortex-M series processors, including the Cortex-A15, Cortex-R7 and Cortex-M0+, plus ARM technologies, such as the big.LITTLE™ processing and CoreSight debug and trace IP.

New debugger

Flexible, robust, and easy-to-use, the DS-5 Debugger abstracts the complexity of UP, AMP and SMP multicore systems and packs in-depth awareness of Linux internals, with other OS plug-ins to come soon. The DS-5 Debugger pairs with ARM's newest debug and trace adapter, the ARM DSTREAM™, and also supports Realview™ ICE (RVI) for debug.

Ground breaking Linux performance and power analysis tool

As embedded systems become more complex and embedded Linux and Android grows in adoption, fine-tuning such systems will become increasingly challenging. The Streamline Performance Analyzer in the ARM DS-5 toolchain simplifies that task by bringing together statistics from CPU(s), OS, GPU, even power consumption.

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Upgrade now

Use the ARM DS-5 toolchain for new projects; Keep RVDS for legacy projects

The RVDS to DS-5 perpetual upgrade license is backwards compatible with both RVCT (ARM Compiler) and RVD to allow smooth transition between development environments. So you won't have to worry about migrating your projects to a new environment all at once. DS-5 Upgrade customers can use any version of RVCT and RVD from 2.0.

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* Approximate discount, based on list price
** When compared to RVDS versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.0, based on EEMBC benchmark results.


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