Meet Drew: ARM Graduate Technical Support Engineer

Degree: B.S. in Computer Engineering

University: Louisiana State University

I’m an avid reader of Technical News Sites and was always interested in ARM devices and their uses across the industry. Being given an opportunity to work for such a great and innovative company was an offer I just couldn’t refuse.

I started at ARM in September of 2008. Since then, I have helped countless engineers as a Technical Support Analyst for Keil Development tools. This involves anything from simple licensing issues, to debugging thousands of lines of customer code. I am also responsible for writing Knowledge Base Articles and example programs for newly supported devices.

Well, coming from my previous employer, ARM is like a whole new world. Great benefits, great co-workers… Everybody seems to have a positive attitude about everything. There are always new and exciting products being released, and I get to find out about them before the public. I get to play with all the cool development boards that come out. I get to interact with other engineers throughout the industry and the world, often helping them out of a tough spot. I enjoy being in a technical position yet still having the opportunity to interact with customers. I learn a lot, all the time; if I want to learn about a new MCU or tool that we have, I have access to all the training I need. Training and development is highly encouraged here.

Being a graduate, you are not going to know everything you need to know on day 1. You have to rely on your co-workers and on training. I have never been discouraged from asking co-workers questions; in fact, often we tackle large issues together as a team. ARM also has provided me with numerous opportunities to take training classes that sharpen my current skills, and other classes that develop new skills all together.

The Holiday party was great! Instead of having an office party we had a Suite at the American Airlines Centre for a Dallas Stars game. Everyone was allowed to bring a guest and the tickets and food were paid for by ARM.

It is important to enjoy what you do for a living. It makes everything better.



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