Meet Rajesh: ARM Physical IP Modelling Team Intern

RajeshUniversity: University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

Degree: Master’s in Computer Engineering.

As an intern I wanted to gain a good understanding of industry standard VLSI design flow, tools and their application and ARM has provided me with a wonderful platform to achieve this. When I started searching for internships, ARM was an obvious choice since it has a very good reputation in the Hardware Industry. In addition, my cell phone has an ARM processor and no surprise, I knew that I had made a good choice.

After I posted my resume on the company’s website, I got a warm response from the HR team saying I shall be undergoing a phone interview. The interview mostly enquired about my basic technical knowledge and my interest in the job. I had an invitation for an onsite interview and HR was very cooperative which made my visit to Austin all the way from Louisiana smooth. It was scheduled for one complete day. 2 Principal Design Engineers, 2 Staff engineers and one HR member interviewed me. I was so thrilled that I had ample time to present myself. They were very patient in not only listening to my answers but I had the opportunity to present the work I did at school. I was asked only basics, but there was brainstorming for each and every question, which would seem simple at first. My manager, one of the interviewer’s, took me to lunch during which I had the opportunity to learn more about the company.

It’s been around two months since I joined ARM and I am working with the Physical IP modelling team here at Austin, TX. I have been working on ESPCV, Verilog modelling and verification for Memory Compilers – SRAM, Register Files. The job basically requires an understanding of basic memory architecture, verilog HDL coding and handling simulation tools for verification.

It is exciting to work on cutting edge technology with experienced personnel, which enhances my knowledge and is very helpful for my future work when I go back to school. Real time work is very challenging and nurtures interesting ideas. This intern experience has boosted my technical & managerial skills and I am now more comfortable in planning my career. I can feel my ARM power!

I am glad to have an energetic mentor who is teaching and helping me with the work and always encourages me to think “out of the box.” There is a brainstorming session between us whenever there is a problem. I am thankful to my manager who always ensures me I am going the right way by keeping track of my work. Either Principal Design Engineer or intern like me, they always allocate time with me whenever needed, thanks to ARM’s great work culture.






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