Meet Usman: ARM Standard Cell Team Intern

University: University of Texas at Austin

Degree: Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering (working towards Masters)

I wanted to kick start my career by working with a renown company that employs some of the best engineers that one could work with. Having the opportunity to work with them would only increase my proficiency in circuit design. Today I say that it has. Moreover, knowing that the company's head office is located in Cambridge I knew that the vacation package was going to be great!

The recruitment process started with a telephone interview and once I got selected for onsite interviews I got a chance to meet the team I was going to work with. During the interview process I was made more aware of the tasks I was going to perform and what the overall company’s objectives are for the standard cell team. Two to three days later I was informed that I was being offered a job.

I have been introduced to a lot of tools and views that I have never looked at in school. The amount of exposure I have received by working with the standard cell team cannot be matched by any other internship as a design engineer.

I joined the company when we were in the last stage of the 45nm world where we were characterizing libraries with 1200+ cells. In the process I have had to resolve software problems with outside tool vendors and internal software teams stationed in Bangalore and in San Hose.


The standard cell team in Austin comprises of engineers so getting help and support from my colleagues and manager has been very easy. I have always received the resources I needed to carry out my duties and guidance from my manager and colleagues to complete a task on time.

Through working at ARM I have learned the importance of having a diverse skill set and being a team player. These two qualities are very important for engineers because you never know the type of problem you will be confronted with.