ARM Development Studio-5 - power and performance optimizations at the application level


On Demand


Guilherme Marshall


10:00 CEST


Overview: Multicore devices are becoming a common requirement for many embedded designs today. However, determining tradeoffs between power and performance is not always straightforward. It can sometimes be confusing as to why certain applications are not seeing the expected power/performance results on a multi-core system.

As a leader in multi-core technology, ARM has developed Energy Probe to be used with the Development Studio-5 (DS-5) Streamline™ Performance Analyzer. DS-5 builds on system trace points, hardware and software performance counters, sample-based profiling, and user annotations to offer a powerful and flexible system analysis environment for software optimization. Energy Probe takes this a step further to correlate how software changes can affect the system’s power envelope.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

·         Improve speed without sacrificing battery life

·         Make efficient use of memory resources

·         Recognize the differences between using intrinsics and a vectorizing C compiler,
like armcc in DS-5

Who Should Attend:This webinar will feature example scenarios using the ARM® Development Studio™-5 debug and performance analysis tools and is ideal for designers who are familiar with ARM processors and Linux development and are eager to learn more about power optimization using the DS-5 tool chain. 







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