Feature Phones

ARM is at the heart of feature phones, enabling platform suppliers to deliver high levels of integration and performance on a single chip. Current feature phones offer advanced functionality such as email, internet access and camcorder functionality. To reach the price point required application processors, graphics processorsvideo accelerators are generally integrated into the same chip as the modem.
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The ability to configure and build System-on-Chips (SoCs) from a range of ARM technologies, tailored to address the feature phone market, makes it possible to address this mid-range market with price conscious solutions and extremely high levels of integration. Configurable and scalable ARM CPUs such as the Cortex-A5 and Cortex-A9 ensure software compatibility across a large performance range, sitting alongside video and graphics accelerators. To build a feature phone, a vast amount of software needs to be integrated. Fortunately, the ARM ecosystem  includes a very broad range of partners that have the software tools you need.

ARM DS-5 Development Studio provides access to a powerful IDE, debugger and optimization tools such as Streamline performance analyzer. Coupled with the ARM Compiler and processors such as the ARM Cortex-A7, feature phones benefit from compact code size and optimum performance.

  • ARM Cortex-A5 or Cortex-A9 processors provide the power to enable the mobile internet with access to all your favorite sites, support for Adobe Flash and more…
  • ARM NEON technology accelerates software audio and video Codecs downloaded from the mobile internet
  • ARM TrustZone technology provides the underlying foundation for strong handset security enabling SIM-lock, DRM and payment services
  • The ARM Mali-200400 GPU enables the latest sophisticated, intuitive and responsive user interfaces
  • The ARM Cortex-R4 real-time processor provides class-leading power efficiency for the increasingly complex modem control code used implement HSDPA & HSUPA UMTS and GSM/GPRS modems
  • ARM CoreSight technology eases SoC and board bring-up and speeds time-to-market by enabling real-time high-speed trace of the multiple on-chip processors within a SoC
  • ARM RealView Development Tools enable optimum performance while minimizing code size
  • Physical IP enables rapid implementation of DDR PHYs and libraries that enable optimization of Power, Performance and Area. Multi-Channel length, high-density libraries are popular for battery-powered devices as they enable reduced leakage and die area. Libraries are available for popular technology nodes including 65 nm / 55 nm / 40 nm / 32 nm / 28 nm.



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