NanoMesh Software Solution

nanomesh software solution graphicARM® Sensinode NanoMesh software solution is a field-proven communication stack for IP-based wireless sensor networks, based on 6LoWPAN technology. It includes two components:

NanoRouter 2.0

Sensinode NanoRouter 2.0 is a border router software solution that enables routing between IP-based 6LoWPAN low-power wireless networks and backbone IPv4 / IPv6 networks. In addition, NanoRouter 2.0 acts as the coordinator for RPL routing within a 6LoWPAN network. NanoRouter 2.0 offers scalable, reliable and seamless connectivity between the Internet and leading edge wireless sensor networks.

NanoStack Software

The NanoStack 2.x Library is the industry leading 6LoWPAN stack that provides an unrivaled feature set to include a compact source code base, optimal memory usage while remaining scalable and reliable. Additionally, the NanoStack can also be supplied with optional software modules for security, embedded web services (NanoServices) and a firmware update facility. The modular structure of the design makes it possible for ARM to accommodate most requirements.

When combined with the ARM Sensinode NanoRouter 6LoWPAN Access Point (AP) software, the NanoStack enables third-party developer to use the combined solution for most applications.


  • Fits in 64K Flash footprint (host devices)
  • Single stack for ZigBee IP, BT Smart IP, PLC and ZigBee NAN
  • Wide range of chip and radio platforms
  • Border router, router, host and sleeping host support
  • Encryption and network authentication support
  • Embedded border router support for Cortex M3/4 class microcontrollers


  • One stack for all key 6LoWPAN standards
    • ZigBee IP – Home Area Network Mesh
    • BT Smart IP – 6LoWPAN for BT Smart devices
    • ZigBee NAN – Neighborhood Area Network Mesh
    • G3 PLC – For wired smart metering applications
  • Portability across chip and radio platforms
  • Minimal BOM for end devices
  • Radically reduced BOM for border routers
  • Security integrated end-to-end with NanoService & Registry solutions
  • Integrated, enterprise scale network management with NodeView


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