NanoServices Solution

ARM® Sensinode NanoService software solution leverages the power of the Web architecture for developing and deploying IOT systems efficiently and securely. The NanoService software solution bring IP and web services to the end node, combining highly optimized embedded client software with a scalable management and web application platform. NanoService software brings web services to the most demanding enterprise applications in the Internet of Things. NanoService software is utilizes open source protocols like CoAP/HTTP, TLS/TCP, DTLS/UDP and OMALWM2M for data communication and device management.


  • Support for key IoT standards
    • OMA Lightweight M2M
  • Built-in security management
  • Load balancing and distributed clustering
  • Resource discovery and group support
  • Caching and subscription aggregation
  • C, Java SE and Java ME Clients
  • Available as Free Developer and Enterprise versions


  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Provide strong end-to-end trust and security for constrained devices and networks
  • Enable device management and application data with the same solution
  • Typical 10x reduction in bandwidth
  • Easy private or public server deployment
  • Service providers gain access to large ecosystem of ARM IoT devices

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Web Application SDK

  • Java SDK and Reference Applications (source code) for rapid development of applications are provided. Reference applications are provided for:
    • Connected home
    • Home monitoring and control, elderly monitoring, Smart Energy and home security
    • Configurable maps and icons
    • Data graphing, control and alarms
  • Street Lighting
    • Large-scale street light monitoring
    • Google Maps integration
    • Alarms, light groups and firmware update

NanoService Platform

The NanoService Platform (NSP) is a flexible and highly-scalable product designed to enable the deployment of challenging IoT applications on private server, private cloud or public cloud environments.  It provides a directory and semantic lookup of all IoT nodes and resources in the system, provides transparent proxy services between the large-resource traditional Internet and constrained-resource protocols, and supports an eventing model that is critical to the effectiveness of Embedded Web applications. Complete graphical Reference Applications and Java SDKs with source code, along with device libraries, decreases time to market for both IoT device and Web Apps.

NanoService Platform
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NanoService Client

The NanoService Client  Library provides automatic NanoService Platform registration and maintenance, CoRE resource discovery, a CoAP server API, a CoAP client API along with eventing. The NanoService Client Library is available for C, Java SE, and Android.

NanoService Client


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