MPCore Sample Code

ARM MPCore Boot and Synchronization Example Code

The ARM MPCore family of multicore processors support software written using either the asymmetric (AMP) or symmetric (SMP) multiprocessor programming paradigms.

This example code is aimed at software developers working at machine level with an ARM MPCore processor. Its purpose is to provide a reference to the base routines required to initialize and bring-up an MPCore processor and to provide a basic software environment supporting the SMP programming paradigm. For AMP development, each central processor unit within the MPCore may be viewed as an independent processor and as such can follow traditional single processor development strategies.

The included source code implemented a lightweight, bare-metal, multi-threading execution environment and synchronization library. This code:

  • includes boot code for the ARM11 MPCore and Cortex A9 MPCore processors
  • implements a simple pre-emptive scheduler
  • implements a subset of the POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) Threads API.

This sample code is available after logging in under the following license and terms and conditions.

Last updated: 5th Febuary 2009



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