Processor Selector

The Processor Selector enables the rapid selection and comparison of processors.


Simply select the family or features required from a combination of the pull down menus and tick boxes and click the Select button. Depending on the options selected, certain options may be grayed out and unavailable to choose given the scenario selected.  If no item is selected then all processors will be shown in the next stage of the guide.

When the processors are listed click the tick box to identify the processors you wish to review in the final stage and click Compare.

At anytime click on a thumbnail image to go directly to the processor's individual page.

  • Select
Processor Family



Instruction Set
ARM Jazelle Thumb Thumb-2
Extra Features
DSP Floating Point NEON TrustZone
Memory System
Cache TCM
Memory Control
MPU (Memory Protection Unit)

MMU (Memory Management Unit)



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