Security is an attribute of a system that requires careful design and attention to detail of hardware, software, services and manufacture. A well designed TrustZone technology enabled SoC is the ideal foundation for a Trusted Execution Environment and will provide a quick path to industry certification.

To make this process scalable and easier for developers ARM has created the TrustZone Ready Program that brings together industry security needs and translates them into system requirements and checklists. The TrustZone Ready Program is a simple Partner agreement that provides access to a comprehensive set of design blueprints, market requirements and checklists providing an essential design resource for ARM Partners wanting to implement system wide security in their next platform. 

You can find out more about the TrustZone Ready Program by viewing this overview or by contacting ARM and discussing the program in more detail. An overview of the TrustZone Ready Program can be found here.

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