Versatile Express Product Family

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The Versatile Express family of development platforms provides the right environment for prototyping the next generation of system-on-chip designs. Building a development system from ARM Versatile Express boards minimizes project setup time and allows the developer to concentrate on the task in hand - testing and validating the product IP and software, rather than designing and debugging the development system.

Versatile Express covers a range of products using processors in the ARM Cortex™ family, from Cortex-M to Cortex-A50 series of processors.


Versatile Express uATX Motherboard

The Motherboard Express uATX has been especially designed to support future generations of ARM processors. It includes all the necessary peripherals that enable you to port, prove, and develop operating systems and applications for new processors and graphics engines. Through a range of plug-in daughterboards, hardware and software applications can be developed and debugged.

Versatile Express CoreTile

The CoreTile Express daughterboard is used together with the Motherboard Express µATX for evaluation, benchmarking and prototyping with the Cortex™-A15, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A5 processors. The on-board DDR2 SDRAM and CoreLink LCD controller enhance system throughput.

Versatile Express Soft Macrocell Models

Soft Macrocell Models (SMMs) are an early access alternative to CoreTiles, based on LogicTile FPGA technology. Before a new processor is available in hardened silicon, it can be provided as an SMM.

Versatile Express LogicTiles

LogicTiles provide custom logic expansion capability for the Versatile Express system. They enable peripheral prototyping, validation and software device driver development alongside an ARM processor - prior to the SoC returning from the foundry. This reduces the risks and bring-up time of the product by having tested IP and software device drivers ready. A choice of boards with different sized FPGAs and stacking capabilities enables the IP developer to construct a development system that matches project requirements.

Cortex-M Prototyping System

The Cortex-M Prototying System is an ideal platform for the evaluation and FPGA prototyping of Cortex-M based designs. It comes provided with fixed encrypted FPGA implementations of all the Cortex-M processors and an example design based on Cortex-M0 design start.

Versatile Express Support Package

The Versatile Express Support Package is available on the ARM self-serves portal under Downloads\Development tools\Versatile Express.


Board Combination Description
V2P daughterboard on V2M-P1 motherboard Motherboard Express + CoreTile Express - Software development platform with a choice of Cortex™-A5, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A15 CPUs. CoreTiles utilize an ASIC or structured ASIC for the CPU test chip.
Versatile Express SMM on V2M-P1 motherboard Motherboard Express + Soft Macro Model - An SMM can be used in place of the CoreTile to provide support for other ARM processors, such as the Cortex-A57. The SMM is an FPGA implementation of an ARM CPU.
LogicTile Express and CoreTile Express on V2M-P1 motherboard Motherboard Express + Core Tile Express + Logic Tile Express - Adds a large FPGA for custom logic and IP development or validation. A choice of three Xilinx-based LogicTiles is currently available – boasting either 3M,13M or 30M equivalent ASIC gates. The Logic Tile Express 20MG board can be stacked up to eight high, which provides a cost-effective route to a large amount of FPGA expansion space.
Stack of LogicTile Express boards on V2M-P1 motherboard
Stack of LogicTile Express boards with custom breakout board on V2M-P1 motherboard Custom Interface Tile - ARM provides example designs for an I/O interface board. This can be used as a template for building a custom board that mounts on top of the Logic Tile Express stack, to give extra connectivity to the user environment.

The Versatile™ Express system supports the following ARM processors:
Board Combo Motherboard Express + CoreTile Express Motherboard Express + Soft Macro Model

CoreTile Express on Motherboard Express

SMM on a Motherboard Express


LogicTile Express for Cortex-A57



LogicTile Express for Cortex-A57


Cortex-A15 CoreTile Express A15x2_A7x3

Cortex-A9 CoreTile Express A9x4

Cortex-A5 CoreTile Express A5x2


CoreTile Express A15x2_A7x3


*The same CoreTile is used both for Cortex A7 and A15, please refer to the TRM for technical implementation.

Cortex -R7 LogicTile Express for Cortex-R7

Cortex-R5 LogicTile Express for Cortex-R5


ARM Cortex-M Prototyping System

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Versatile Express 

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