DS-5 Support and Maintenance

How to Obtain Support

Technical support in the use of DS-5 should be obtained from your tools supplier.

Customers who purchased tools via a local ARM tools distributor should contact their distributor for support.

ARM direct customers can contact ARM using via the self-service portal. New users will need to register before submitting an enquiry.

Please check the following resources before submitting a support request
- DS-5 knowledge base articles and product documentation
- DS-5 downloads
- ARM technical forums

Please see ARM development tools support pages for general information.


Entitlement to Support and Maintenance for DS-5

The purchase of a DS-5 license includes a 1 year entitlement to support and maintenance. During this period you are entitled to technical support from your tools supplier, and access to the latest DS-5 releases. Note that the DS-5 academic or educational version does not include entitlement to technical support.

If you have a permanent DS-5 license, you can continue to use the product after the end of the support and maintenance period. However, your DS-5 license will not work with updated versions or patches of DS-5 released after the end of the support and maintenance period.

Support and maintenance for DS-5 can be renewed on an annual basis. It is recommended that you always keep your DS-5 under valid support and maintenance in order to benefit from technical support and access to bug fixes and new functionality. If you renew your DS-5 support and maintenance after it expires, the new support and maintenance period is back-dated to the end of the previous one.

When requesting technical support you need to provide your DS-5 serial number, so that your support and maintenance status can be validated. The DS-5 serial number is the text string following "sn=" in your license file.


Support for Open Source Components in DS-5

DS-5 is supplied with various open source components included under the appropriate licence terms (eg GPL or LGPL agreement). Examples of these separate files include:
* Codesourcery GNU build tools and gdbserver debug agent
* ARM Embedded Linux kernel and distribution

You may request technical support from your tools provider relating to the installation and configuration of these separate files when used with the DS-5 examples. However, there is no entitlement to support on the general use of these separate files and no entitlement to maintenance from ARM.

Questions on Open Source components can be directed to the ARM forums or to an appropriate part of the open source community.

Reference DS-5 S&M Policy October 2010