ARM Accredited Engineer Certification

The ARM Accredited Engineer Certification is the first certification in the AAE Certification Pathway. It is an entry-level certification that focuses on software-related aspects of the ARMv7 Architecture, with a specific focus on Cortex-A and Cortex-R profiles (plus common subjects like software tools). The AAE is aimed at general embedded software and systems developers who have a broad knowledge of ARM technology, biased towards applications processors and real-time processors.

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Image of pie chart - the syllabus covers a number of subject areas including ARM architecture and software development on ARMSyllabus

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The syllabus covers the following subject areas:

  • ARM architecture (30%)
  • Software development (30%)
  • Software optimization (15%)
  • System (10%)
  • Software debug (8%)
  • Implementation (7%)


The exam can be taken at any one of 6000 Authorized Prometric Test Center (APTCs) worldwide, as a computer-based test on a dedicated test platform. You will be presented with 70 multiple choice questions, under the supervision of a Prometric representative. You will be given one hour to complete the test, but you should allow for at least 90 minutes in the Test Center. For more information about the examination process, please check the FAQs page.

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