Official ARM Lab-in-a-Box (LiB) Package

The ARM University Program offers everything you need to teach an ARM/NXP LPC1768 mbed-based Embedded Systems/MCU course. If you are interested in adopting the Lab-in-a-Box (LiB) in your course, click on the Request Donation button above!


Development Boards

mbed is a tool for rapid prototyping with microcontrollers.

Microcontrollers are getting cheaper, more powerful and more flexible, but there remains a barrier to a host of new applications; someone has to build the first prototype! With mbed, we've focused on getting you there as quickly as possible.

The mbed Compiler lets you write programs in C/C++, and then compile and download them to run on the mbed microcontroller. It's all online, so you don't need to be a sys-admin to start. In fact, you don't have to install or setup anything to get started.

The mbed Sponsorship Program aims to support worthy people doing worthy projects with microcontrollers. We've allocated some mbed microcontrollers for use in projects or activities that go towards an academic qualification or official engineering achievement. Sharing the results of the project with the rest of the mbed community benefits everyone.

Software Tools

ARM offers the Keil Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK-ARM) for ARM powered microcontrollers. It features the industry-standard compiler from ARM, the Keil µVision IDE, and sophisticated debug and data trace capabilities. MDK-ARM offers tailored support for all Cortex-M processor-based devices, and is the recommended solution for students working with standard ARM-based MCU devices. We suggest that students and universities download the free evaluation version of the tools, which offers all the features of the standard version, but with a 32 KByte object code/data limit.

Keil - Tools by ARM


Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design: Applying the ARM mbed

In English, by Rob Toulson and Tim Wilmshurst
Published by Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-08-097768-3

The Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M3

In English, by Joseph Yiu
Published by Newnes
First Edition Errata Document (71KB PDF)

ISBN-10: 0750685344
ISBN-13: 978-0750685344

The Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M0

In English, by Joseph Yiu
Published by Newnes

ISBN-10: 0123854776

Other ARM-related Books

Teaching Materials

Teaching Slides

Lab Manuals and Exercises

Application Notes for Students and Faculty

Other Projects and Resources

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