Mali Graphics Development Platforms

ARM® Mali™-based development platforms and tools provide complete solutions for 2D and 3D embedded graphics courses and projects. The ARM Mali Developer Center brings together a growing community of developers, technology partners, software vendors and content companies for collaboration, and provides links to obtaining Mali development hardware and software.

Introducing the Samsung Origen Low Cost Development Board, based on the Samsung Exynos 4210 Processor.

The low-cost  origenboard development platform is a high performance solution for development of content for the high end devices. The platform is based on the Samsung Exynos 4210 applications processor featuring a dual core Cortex-A9 CPU in addition to a Mali-400 MP4 GPU to accelerate 2D and 3D graphics.  

The SoC on this board is featured in Samsung’s award winning Galaxy S2 handset and is capable of 1080p video encode and decode and features a host of peripherals. The platform supports Linux and Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box.

Snowball is a low power, low cost Single Board Computer based on the ST-Ericsson Nova A9500 processor (Dual Cortex A9 + Mali 400 GPU) that targets hobbyists and professional developers wanting to prototype new embedded designs. It will help developers to create applications for Android, Meego and Ubuntu.

Features include ARM Dual Cortex A9 @ 1GHz, Mali 400 GPU, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN, Bluetooth BT4.0/ BLE. (ex Antenna), GPS (Ex. Antenna), 3x Expansion Connectors (FSMC, HSI, Audio, MiPi CSI / Camera, LCD, MiPi DSI, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO), 1GB LP-DDR2, and 4 / 8GB e-MMC.

Telechips TCC8900 Mali/ARM1176JZF-S-based Development Platform

The TCC8900 is a system LSI for digital multimedia applications based on ARM1176JZF-S, an ARM proprietary RISC CPU core. Designed for high-end multimedia entertainment devices such as car AVN, portable multimedia player and home entertainment to enrich multimedia experience, multi-format video CODEC (JPEG / MPEG1 / MPEG2 / MPEG4 / H.264 / VC-1 / RV) and audio CODEC (MP3 / WMA / EAAC+ / AC3, etc.) are also incorporated into software and hardware to bring vivid full HD (1080p) contents to life on various screens and digital TV through HDMI output.

In addition, TCC8900 offers a hardwired 3D graphic accelerator (Mali-200 from ARM) to enrich next generation GUI and other graphical applications.


A separate, compatible debug adapter is sometimes needed for development with ARM-based platforms. However, more ARM-based platforms are being made available with integrated, on-board debugging capabilities eliminating the need for such external hardware.

Some platforms have real-time data access and instruction trace capability for systems that that must be debugged in real-time without stopping the system and a physical trace interface will likely be needed for this purpose. 

These interfaces can be purchased directly from ARM (an ARM company), or through a variety of ARM partners and distributors.

Low-cost debug adapters are also available for purchase from third-party companies such as Olimex, as well as a variety of others. 

Be sure to check the compatibility between your boards, software tools, and debug adapter.



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